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Ianko Moustakov

In his eight-year mayor's mandate, Ianko Moustakov demonstrated his exceptional creativity and managerial skills, his love for the town and his hard work brought about a major change in the outlook of the town.

He was born on 18 October 1891 in Dobritch and completed his secondary education in Varna. He managed building sites in Sofia, Shoumen and Varna. He became Director of the newly constructed Batova-Varna Trunk Waterpipe, then Director of the Water & Sewerage Municipal Utility Company.

He was Mayor of Varna from September 1935 to May 1943 /with short interruptions in 1936, 1941/. The new city development plan of Varna was worked out at his time in office. The first asphalted streets appeared, new beautiful buildings were raised. The Seaside Garden was reconstructed, enlarged and modernised. The Garden's new entrance portal was built in 1938-1939 at the Mayor's initiative and under the design of the architect Georgi Popov. Ianko Moustakov continued his predecessors' work for the development and urbanisation of the outskirts of Varna and St.Constantine Resort. Part of the municipal budget was dedicated to the promotion of Varna as a resort in the country and abroad. The Municipality supported financially the annual Industrial and Agricultural Exhibitions and the Cultural Festival held in the town. In 1936, by a special law, Varna Industrial Exhibition was established as the only international one in Bulgaria and the same year it became member of the International Fairs Union in Milan, Italy. The Batova-Varna waterpipe was completed in 1936, which increased the water debit from 40 l to 90 l per second. The Municipal Omnibus Service was opened in 1940. The first four bus lines started operation. In 1936 the construction of a modern, sanitary controlled, slaughterhouse began. It was opened in May 1939, along with another important site - a valve movable bridge with a railroad over the sea canal. The new thermal electric power station was started in 1941.

Ianko Moustakov contributed a lot to the progress of culture and education, too. His thrilling words opened the annual musical festivities of Varna in 1938: "The level of the arts has always been a benchmark for the might and glory of any people...".

In 1943 he left the town with his family and and settled in Samokov. Then he moved to Sofia. Ianko Moustakov died after a severe illness on 26 December 1955.