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Georgi Paspalev

Georgi Ianev Paspalev, Eng., was born on 12.12.1944 in Pomorie. Married, with two children.

He is a machine engineer by education, having completed the Higher Mechanical & Electrical Engineering Institute in Varna and a post-graduate school for system organisers in HEI - Sofia. He belongs to the family of Prof. Georgi Paspalev, founder of Varna Aquarium.

In 1969 he got a job in the Radio-Navigation Equipment Plant in Varna, to which he became Deputy Director in 1976. From 1979 he became Director General of ELPROM - Varna, the big electrical appliances plant. He was Deputy Mayor of Varna from 1984 and First Deputy Chairman of the Executive Committee of Varna Provincial People's Council from 1986.

He was an energetic administrator with firm principles and worked hard and honestly for the development of the industry and the city of Varna. His great contribution is to the creation of the electric transport in the city.

From April to October 1990 he was Mayor of Varna, contributing to a lot of useful changes in service of Varna citizens.