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Nikola Boiadzhiev

Nikolai Boiadzhiev was born on 8.10.1914 in Varna. He was an officer in the Marines and the Marine Special Schools, where he studied in 1931-1935. He became a Soviet spy in 1932. The same year he became member of the BCP. He was sentenced to death three times.

In 1940 he was Secretary of the PC of WYU and the Bureau of BCP. In 1943 he became political commissar of the Second Dobroudzha Rebellion Operative Region, in 1944 - Commander. At that time he was also commander of a partisan unit. After 9.09.1944 he became Political Deputy Commander of the Marines. In 1950 - Head of Staff, in 1956 - Deputy Chairman of the Executive Committee of the PPC. 1959-1966 he was Mayor of Varna. 1966-1970 - Ambassador to Iraq. 1970-1971 - Deputy Head of Sixth Department of MIA, 1972-1976 - Ambassador to Bangladesh and Burma.