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Iossif Stoianov

After the discharge of Ianko Moustakov from the Mayor's post in March 1936, Iossif Stoianov was appointed to replace him. His term in office was only eight months, till November, when Ianko Moustakov was restored to the post.

Iossif Stoianov tried to make the town more beautiful and attractive as a sea resort, which was vitally important for the income of the population. The reconstruction of some streets continued: Voinishka, Opalchenska, part of Ferdinand Blvd., etc. A revision of the general development plan of the town sewerage system was made with respect to its enlargement and reconstruction.

The administration tried to modernise the sea beaches and improve services to the holidaymakers. In 1936 the bridge into the sea at the central sea baths with a tower was completed "to all modern requirements". A sea-slide was mounted at the north baths at the same time.

Iossif Stoianov died on 13 January 1939.