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Assen Broussev

Assen Broussev was born on 27 June 1890 in Karlovo. He graduated in Law and sciences of the state in 1913. He is member of the Democratic Party. He was elected Mayor by the municipality councillors at the elections of 21 march 1932.

Assen Broussev and the municipality councillors continued the policies of their predecessors for further development of the urbanisation of Varna and the improvement of its sanitation. The municipality council voted unanimously for adoption of the concession approach for the construction of a hotel and other public buildings in Varna. The suburbs were supplied with electricity, new water sources were captured, public fountains were built in various parts of the town, the town water tanks were repaired. A maternity hospital and three more schools were planned to be built.

In order to attract more holiday-makers and Varna to become one of the windows of the country widely open to the world, at the initiative of Varna Resort League, other business associations and Varna Municipality, an annual industrial exhibition started to be held in town from 1932 on. Its purpose was to demonstrate the achievements of Bulgarian crafts, industry and agriculture. In summer, the Municipality organised festivities in the Seaside Garden, the Casino and the Sea Baths.

Mayor Brouossev continued and managed to complete the construction of the theatre building, started in the town more than twenty years before. Despite all difficulties, the town managed to finalise on 5 June 1932 its efforts to build and have a temple for spiritual catharsis for the whole population. The debate about the theatre company composition took several months. It was a public debate. Mayor Broussev followed the recommendations made. The Municipal Council appointed Stoian Bachvarov to rule and organise the company of Varna Municipal Theatre. Statute and Rules of the Municipal Theatre were adopted on 20 October 1932.

On 28 July 1933, Assen Broussev resigned "in the interest of the town", as he pointed out in his personal application to the Municipality Council meeting. The resignation was accepted. In the following years, he, like most other public figures, he took part in the political life of the town.