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Hristo Mirski


On 11 June 1923, Kalaksazov, the Provincial Governor, appointed a new three-member committee to manage the town of Varna, headed by Hristo K. Mirski and members: S. Nikolov and I. Mirchev

Hristo K.. Mirski was born on 14 December 1884 in Varna, in the family of the outstanding in the past Varna public figure, MP and Mayor - Krastiu Mirski. Hristo Mirski studied in the Men's Grammar School. He started his university education in Sofia and completed it in Zagreb in 1910. He worked as a lawyer and a public and political figure. He took part in the Balkan and in World War One. He was member of the Democratic party and its ruling bodies. He was elected many times for municipal and provincial councillor, for an MP, for chairman of charity, sports and cultural societies and clubs. He was a hard-working, energetic, outright and condescending person. He was famous for his detestation for the corruption in the municipal institutions. His slogan was: "Love your people, to be loved in return", "Serve it honestly and beyond retrieve".

The three-member committee, lead by Hristo Mirski, at the beginning tried to set things right in the municipality itself. There were extra staff and they had to be dismissed. When taking office, Mirski and his assistants announced they were not going to undertake dramatic changes for the town, as its treasury was empty. The committee tried instead "... to stabilise financially the municipality, so that it become ready for more dramatic moves." It found out that through economies and savings they could improve things in sanitation, school buildings and streets repair, etc. A major priority was to solve quickly the housing needs of the people living in the suburbs, supplying food for them and reducing the prices of a number of goods.  On 5 November 1923, Hristo Mirski resigned, so that he could run for an MP in the oncoming parliamentary elections. His friends so spoke of him: "His eyes glare with the flame of the idealist and the impulse of the realist". The citizens of Varna know Hristo Mirski also as a journalist. He studied the history of Varna and his articles could often be read in the papers.