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Dr. Angel Piuskiuliev

Dr. Angel Piuskiuliev was Mayor of Varna for two mandates. The first was from February 1004 to September 1905, when political disagreement brought about the dissembling of the Municipal Council. His second term in office was from September 1906 to August 1908.

Angel Piuskiuliev was born on 15 August 1848 in Shumen. He studied in his home town with Dobri Voinikov. Then he studied in the Military Medical School in Istanbul, where he joint the Bulgarian intelligencia. He settled in Varna in 1881. He was manager of the state hospital, Director of the Public Sanitary Directorate, Chairman of the VI Supreme Medical Council /1892-1894/. Dr. Piuskiuliev was one of the founders of the medical society in town and his chairman. He has written a number of medical books. He is author of the first book about Varna, published in 1985 - "The Sea Baths and Varna".

As Mayor, Dr. Piuskiuliev's attention was focused on the major problems - water supply, construction of the sewerage network, widening and opening of new streets. He kept saying that any delay was a crime and that one could not neglect what Varna needed to become a modern city. He announced to the councillors his ideas about the future development of Varna as a resort and centre of tourism.

During his mandate serious improvements were made to the Seaside Garden, increasing its territory. The Municipality charged the town engineer, Georgi Barnev, to design a central allay which was later called "The Revival Alley". The construction of a biological station with an Aquarium started. A hotel with 120 rooms, new Sea Baths and entertainments were also planned to be built. Special attention was given to the seafront streets and to those, leading to the sea. The first bus lines started to operate to the vicinities of the town, to Balchik and Kavarna. At Dr. Piuskiuliev's insistence, the council gave some land to IUNAK Sports Club for building a sports hall on it. Some land was allotted for the construction of a cycle-racing track. The Municipal Council gave 250 sq.m. to the militiamen and the patriots for building houses for them. The cultural life also flourished. Funds were allotted to the theatre groups and the archaeological society. Seven private buildings here hired for schools and new ones were planned to be built. An 8 million leva loan was contracted to finance these big development tasks.

The people of Varna remember Dr. Angel Piuskiuliev as a man, working with European standards. He died in 1935.