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Krastiu Mirski

The famous public figure, journalist and an man of letters Krastiu Mirski was born on 15 January 1852 in Kotel, in the family of the no less famous Gavril Krastevitch.  He moved to Varna in November 1878. He had been in the focus of public initiatives in the town for forty years. For some time he was chairman of Varna Court of Appeal. He was member of the Democratic Party. He was MP in the Third, Fourth, Eight and Fourteenth Ordinary National Assemblies and in the Fourth Great National Assembly.

The contribution of Krastiu Mirski to the cultural life of Varna is great. He opened the first bookshop in town and helped Raiko Blaskov move his printing-shop here. Krastiu Mirski contributed a lot to the development of theatre in town.

During his terms in the mayor's office cardinal problems of the urbanisation and the cultural development of the town were solved. Two schools were built - St. Kiril and St. Naum, and another one, St. Metodii, was enlarged. The first modern sea baths on rails were built at that time, too, raising the prestige of the sea resort. The first plan for enlarging the Seaside Garden was also drawn up, the clock tower and the first theatre hall, Saedinenie, were built.  Krastiu Mirski was a famous journalist and man of letters. . He wrote more than 250 articles, books, school-books and translations. He is one of the first members of the Bulgarian Academy of Science.

Krastiu Mirski died on 7 May 1920.