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In order to make keyboard navigation easier, some access keys are available, which allow easier activation of some key commands and shortcut access to some of the most visited pages.
Command and Page access keys, require a different instruction sequence, based upon the browser in use:
  • with Microsoft Internet Explorer, press [ALT] + access key + [ENTER]
  • with Firefox, Mozilla e Netscape, press [ALT] + [SHIFT] access key
  • with Chromepress [ALT] + access key
Please note that, when the access key is a number, you should use the horizontal keys on the upper part of the keyboard, and not the numeric keypad on its right side. 

The available access key are the following: 

Access key Command / page
0 Information for easier access
1 Home
2 To the content of the current page
3 Contacts
4 Search
P Print th page
F Change the size of the font