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International practice


 • Federal Procurement Act, published on January 31, 2006


 • Document prepared by the Government - "Private Finance Initiative (PFI): strengthening long-term partnerships" ; Document prepared by the Government - "Standardisation of PFI Contracts - version 3.


 • Act for the Acceleration of the realization of Public-Private Partnerships and the Implement of the  the legal framework for Public-Private Partnerships, September 1st , 2005 (PPP Acceleration Act)


 • Public Private Partnership Law (LAW 3389/22.09.05)


 • Public-Private Partnership Act, Transport Act, National Development Finance Agency Act


 • Ordinance No. 2004 - 559 of 17.6.2004 on Partnership Agreements


 • The legal framework for public-private partnership is on the level of state legislation, divided into different sectors, eg. transport.